Automobile Products Liability

If you or a loved one suffered serious physical injuries or death due to a defective automobile or automobile component part you should contact the California product liability law firm, the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler.  The automobile manufacturer can be held “strictly liable” for selling defective automobiles and their defective automobile parts which cause serious injury or death to the driver and their passengers.

By coming forward and contacting the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler you can hold the automobile manufacturer accountable for the fatalities caused by their selling defective automobiles.

Dangerous defective automobile cases usually involve:                                                  

  • – Fuel tank fires (explosions)
  • – Defective tires (Firestone, Bridgestone and the Ford Explorer cases)
  • – Dangerous defective roof crush and fatalities
  • – Dangerous defective “seat back” failure resulting in death

The Law Offices of Gary A Kessler has a proven successful track record holding the car manufacturers liable (accountable) for the design of dangerously defective fuel tank designs which resulted in fuel tank fire deaths.

Additionally, an automobile may be defective due to roof crush and collapse during a vehicle rollover, resulting in death.  The automobile manufacturers have known for years that they have placed into the consumer market automobiles that have thin and unstable roofs which make these automobiles extremely dangerous to drive.  In fact, one nationally known manufacturer knew that if they merely invested just $10.00 more per car that lives would be saved.  The automobile manufacturers know how to build a more solid roof.  In fact, Volvo spent millions of dollars improving their roofs as well as providing their safety study to the public.  Mercedes Benz has a solid roof.  Unfortunately, Chevrolet and Ford have been slow to respond to plaintiffs complaints that their roofs are unsafe, lack crash-worthiness and are susceptible to “roof crush” deaths.

The United States National Traffic Safety Administration revealed that there is a casual connection between an automobiles roof strength and crushing fatalities.  Our expert witnesses as well as countless professional studies reveal that a stronger roof will save the lives of everyone in the automobile during a rollover accident.  Stronger roofs will improve driver and rider safety.  The automobile manufactures have bargained the consumers lives away for greedy corporate profits.  This happens time and again.

If you or a loved one is involved in a serious automobile defective products liability accident:

  • – Insist that a report is filed by the Police Department, California Highway Patrol or Sheriff’s Department;
  • – Obtain essential information (i.e., name, address, insurance information, vehicle license number and drivers license number of any and all persons involved in the accident);
  • – Photograph the accident scene as well as all visible injuries;
  • – Shut up!  Talk to no one about the accident or your injuries other than your attorney or doctor, never to an insurance adjuster or insurance investigator.  Do not volunteer a statement to any insurance company;
  • – Sign absolutely nothing without consulting a lawyer;
  • – Seek medical attention immediately and keep a diary of your level of pain;
  • – Keep all receipts for all medical expenses and/or funeral bills and wage loss records;
  • – Be sure that the vehicle is kept (i.e., preserve the evidence) without the vehicle and car presented you have essentially lost your case before a lawyer can even get started.  At least contact a lawyer to recover the car and make arrangements to preserve the evidence (i.e., the car);
  • – Contact the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler an experienced law firm immediately to protect your rights and preserve the evidence!

Demand accountability from the automobile manufacturers and component part manufacturers.  We at the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler have handled complex automobile product liability cases for twenty-five years.  We have the litigation experience to handle complex automobile products liability cases.  We are prepared to front all costs required for the necessary investigation and expert witnesses needed to prepare your case for trial.  Remember, the automobile manufacturers are a formidable foe and must be fought against aggressively.

The laws regarding wrongful death/automobile products liability cases are complex and include many facets of the law. It is vital to surviving family members to seek the advice of an experienced wrongful death/automobile products liability lawyer such as Gary A Kessler at the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler to protect your rights and those of your loved ones.

California automobile products liability attorney Gary A Kessler and the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler are compassionate and fully understand that you are attempting to cope with extreme grief and sorrow associated with the loss of a loved one.  The Law Offices of Gary A Kessler carefully selects its automobile products liability cases so that we may give you (the client) the substantial personal attention necessary to obtain a successful result for your automobile products liability case.

The Law Offices of Gary A Kessler is prepared to front all costs required for a thorough investigation and expert witnesses to prepare for trial of your case.  As in all wrongful death and serious personal injury cases, we advance all legal costs to prepare and present our client’s claim, and receive for our services only 33 1/3 percent of what we recover for our attorney fees on their behalf.  Upon settlement our costs shall be reimbursed to us from the gross recovery.  If there is no recovery, no attorneys fees or costs are owed to our firm.

If you believe that a friend or family member died due to defective roof crush in a rollover accident consult the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler today so we can take the necessary steps to “preserve the evidence” before it is tampered with, sold and simply disappears.  The preservation of the vehicle is essential to your product liability case against the automobile manufacturer and component part defendants.

Our law firm has the successful track record and reputation for aggressively representing our clients to recover the maximum financial compensation for their losses.  Contact the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler for a free consultation regarding your potential automobile defect products liability case today.

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