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Abuse perpetrated by an authority figure is an appalling reality for far too many children and adolescents in California and across the country. Foster care parents, teachers, day care workers, and other trusted adults who negligently supervise children ruin lives and cause irreparable psychological damage and death.

Foster Care Abuse LawyerThe individual foster care parent can be tried as a criminal, but can rarely be held financially accountable. His or her sponsoring or employing organization—the foster care agency, or other public or corporate entity—may be liable for its failure to adequately supervise and screen the foster care parent.

For more than 25 years, trial lawyer Gary A Kessler has represented children and adolescents abused by trusted foster care parents. Our law firm has the resources and the professional will to thoroughly investigate, prepare, and present abuse and foster care negligence cases. We take systematic depositions from the victim and his or her psychotherapist, from psychiatric child abuse experts, from any witnesses, and from the perpetrator’s supervisors and organizational leaders. We seek to reveal all relevant facts and evidence, to establish psychological harm, and to demonstrate fault within the organization where appropriate.

No monetary amount can compensate for the damage that foster care abuse causes. However, damage awards can be powerful financial incentives for foster care parents, foster care agencies, schools, and other organizations to screen and monitor their employees who regularly interact with children and teenagers. Adequate financial compensation can also defray the cost of long term psychotherapy and psychiatric care.

Throughout our personal injury practice, we devote our full personal attention to every case that we accept. We believe that effective representation in child foster care abuse cases requires not only exceptional legal skill, but the ability to respond to psychologically damaged children and outraged parents. If you or a loved one has experienced foster care negligence or abuse by a person in authority, please contact our law firm today.

If you or a loved one is involved in a serious or fatal foster care abuse incident:

  • Insist that a report is filed by the Police Department or Sheriff’s Department;
  • Obtain essential information (i.e., name, address, insurance information, foster care parent’s license number, foster care agency name of any and all persons involved in the accident);
  • Photograph all visible injuries and keep copies of all documentation;- Shut up!  Talk to no one about the accident or your injuries other than your attorney or doctor, never to an insurance adjuster or insurance investigator.  Do not volunteer a statement to any insurance company, especially one who works for the foster care parent;
  • Sign absolutely nothing without consulting a lawyer;
  • Seek medical attention immediately and keep a diary of your level of pain;- Keep all receipts for all medical expenses and/or funeral bills and wage loss records;
  • Contact the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler an experienced law firm immediately to protect your rights and preserve the evidence!

Foster Care Abuse AttorneyDemand accountability from those responsible for the foster care incidents.  A foster care parent is a person who owes your child the “highest duty of care!” Many times the insurance companies for the foster care companies (i.e., many times they are “self insured”) will play “hardball” if you try to settle the case yourself or you have employed a lawyer who does not have the litigation experience to handle such a complex foster care case.  We at the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler have twenty-five years of litigation experience and know how to handle the insurance companies to your advantage.  Remember, cases against the foster care parent and foster care agency have a very short time to file the proper government claim which must be filed first, way before the actual lawsuit is filed! We are prepared to front all costs required for the necessary investigation and expert witnesses needed to prepare your case for trial as well as file all government claims.  Unfortunately, the reality is that most foster care incident victims usually sustain serious/catastrophic injuries which many times results in death.  Over the past twenty years attorney Gary A Kessler has a proven successful track record demanding accountability from the responsible parties and obtaining outstanding results for his clients.

The laws regarding foster care incident cases are complex and include many facets of the law.  It is vital to surviving family members to seek the advice of an experienced foster care incident lawyer such as Gary A Kessler at the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler to protect your rights and those of your loved ones.

The California foster care incident attorney Gary A Kessler and the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler are compassionate and fully understand that you are attempting to cope with serious injuries associated with a foster care incident.  Such accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries or even death.  The Law Offices of Gary A Kessler carefully selects its wrongful death and foster care incident cases so that we may give you (the client) the substantial personal attention necessary to obtain a successful result for your foster care incident case.

The Law Offices of Gary A Kessler is prepared to front all costs required for a thorough investigation and top expert witnesses to prepare for the trial of your case.  As in all foster care incident and serious personal injury cases, we advance all legal costs to prepare and present our client’s claim, and receive for our services only a percentage of what we recover for our attorney fees on their behalf.  Upon settlement our costs shall be reimbursed to us from the gross recovery.  If there is no recovery, no attorneys fees or costs are owed to our firm.  Contact the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler today so we can preserve the evidence and demand compensation and accountability from the responsible party.

If you have been seriously injured or a family member sustained fatal injuries involving foster care negligence, you need to contact the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler or another experienced law firm immediately to protect your legal rights and preserve the evidence.  Claims for damages against a public entity or governmental entity are complex and they have “strict time limitations”.  So do not delay and contact the Law Offices of Gary A Kessler today!

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